SPN 309 ~ Course Components

Understanding the course components and their value toward your final grade will help you be successful in this class. As you complete each component the grades will be input into Blackboard. You can always go into Blackboard to check your grade. If you ever find a mistake on your grade, contact me immediately so we can resolve the issue. I am always happy to correct any mistakes!

Course Components

In this course there are six major components: Participation, four projects, and two tests. Each of these categories carries a weight toward your final grade. 


Class Participation (10%)

Class participation is key to your success on this online course

  • Attending and participating in synchronous meetings (or equivalent)
  • Participation in all collaborative activities (synchronous and asynchronous) 
  • Your respect and attitude toward the class and your peers

Video discussion boards (20%)

You will complete video discussions for each reading unit.  Each video discussion requires you to address a set of questions and also watch classmates presentations and comment. All video discussions will be done on Flipgrid.

Reading journals (20%)

You will complete all questionnaires attached to each reading unit. Questionnaires include comprehension questions, opinions, opportunities to identify key vocabulary and generate your own questions. Questionnaires prepare you for video discussion boards and in class discussions.

Project 1 (10%)

For this project you will conduct a linguistic evaluation of a subject and write a small report based on your findings. More details in Blackboard

Project 2 (10%)

For this project you will interview a bilingual person in order to write a story for out book “Language stories” about their experiences as a bilingual based on your readings on this topic.

Project 3 (10%)

For this project you will write a short article for our “Language and Society” magazine based on any language topic you find interesting. More details in Blackboard

Project 4 (10 %)

For this project you will write and present a comparative analysis of Spanish in the Spanish- speaking world. There will be a written portion and a video. More details in Blackboard.

Tests (10%)

There will be two tests throughout the semester. The tests will be essay tests.


  • Presentations are not to be read, although you may refer to an outline containing key vocabulary words, reminders of main ideas, etc. The presentations should be practiced and prepared, but not memorized or scripted
  • Grades will be assigned according to the criteria provided in the rubrics
  • Note: Every student will be responsible for the information provided during all in-class presentations and follow-up discussions throughout the course of the semester. To this end, questions related to these presentations could be included on the exams.