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SPN 309 - Language and Society


This course is an online course that mixes synchronous and asynchronous activities. This means that the majority to time you will work on your own. 

We will meet vía Zoom on Wednesdays from 11:15-12:10


I will hold Zoom office hours on Wednesdays from 2:00-4:00 and Thursdays from 1:00-3:00. You can sign up for an appointment in my schedule. You can also email me at any time. If you need immediate attention you can call 719-549-2143.

Welcome to SPN 309!

In this class we are going to study the most incredible human behavior, language! Most of us never stop to think how by producing a combination of sounds, signals and symbols, we as humans are able to transmit information, thoughts, dreams, feelings, beliefs, and histories, to other humans in the present and across centuries. Humans begin acquiring language before they are born and continue to grow their skills, and even acquire more languages, throughout their lifetime. Language allows us to ask someone to pass the salt or write a literary masterpiece. The breadth of possibilities is astonishing! *IMPORTANT NOTE: To be in this course you need to have completed SPN202 & 203 or have my permission. 

Course Components
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Objectives and Outcomes

Catalog description:

Focus on improving linguistic proficiency through the study of areas of inquiry including history of Spanish, first and second language acquisition, bilingualism, language variation, etc

Course Objectives:

This course will help you reach the intermediate high to advanced mid proficiency level according to ACTFL guidelines. At advanced mid proficiency level students can narrate and describe in major time frames and deal with unanticipated complications, participate in most informal and some formal settings, discuss topics of general and personal interest, be understood without difficulty by speakers unaccustomed to dealing with non-native speakers, communicate in paragraph form.

Spanish Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate in Spanish
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of cultures of the Hispanic world
  • Connect with other disciplines and acquiring new information
  • Develop awareness of similarities and differences (comparisons) among language and culture systems around the world
  • Use Spanish to participate in communities at home and around the world

Course Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the importance of language in the development of society
  2. Describe the process of language acquisition and multilingualism
  3. Examine the challenges of living between languages 
  4. Appraise the values ascribed to languages through the lens of power relations
  5. Compare and contrast sound systems of Spanish.
  6. Examine the variety of Spanish and other languages in Spanish-speaking societies
  7. Research and write about topics in language